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The CSUBTIL brand is evolving

The CSUBTIL brand is evolving visibly, with new ranges, new services, new locations and new organisation.
Following the expansion of our product offering, and our two new ranges (Your Team Mate and Your Classmate), our services are also evolving:

  • CSUBTIL Care offers an extension of onsite warranty to 3 years, thanks to our Partner Technical Stations
  • CSUBTIL Try and Buy enables your prospective clients to trial our products in their conditions of use, directly on their premises
  • CSUBTIL Event has been created for the ad hoc needs of your clients, to provide them with the necessary equipment for event-marketing operations and short term requirements
  • CSUBTIL Easy manages the financial aspects of purchasing equipment, by studying Cost of Ownership (TCO), rather than an investment perspective
  • CSUBTIL Facilities provides equipment (delivery and installation) to your client on your behalf, from our 25 Partner Technical Stations across mainland France

We now have three facilities to promote our client relations:

  • CSUBTIL Business Development, our sales service, has two spaces dedicated to product presentation, in Boulogne-Billancourt (40 person capacity) and Saint-Denis (80 person capacity, with a restaurant and event space); these are available to organise meetings with your clients or prospective clients, and to discover our products
  • CSUBTIL Support is the service in charge of technical support, based in Senlis
  • CSUBTIL Supply Chain, in Nantes, deals with administration, logistics and after-sales service

Our organisation is also evolving, with the creation of CSUBTIL Europe represented by iPHINITY, a company specialising in technology asset lifecycle management (repairs, equipment for rental, reconditioning, logistics, etc.). You can read ‘CSUBTIL France by iPHINITY’, which is an interview with our commercial director, as well as a presentation of the CSUBTIL brand in the latest EDI Magazine (issue number 99, pages 72 and 74; visit: