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Interactive touch screens

Discover our new range of professional touch screens "Team mates" with Android 9.0 system.

Using csubtil interactive touchscreen as whiteboard during meeting
Csubtil interactive touchscreens : 4K ultra high resolution
Csubtil interactive touchscreens : display content from smartphones, tablets, computers...

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens
The all-in-one solution for business and education

4K UHD Resolution, multi-touch technology, wireless connexion and much more...

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens : a world of capabilities

Use CSUBTIL intelligent panel as a whiteboard, video conference device, explain your ideas and work together...

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens : whiteboard function


Explain, share, teach. Write or draw, create or import content, annotate. Export by email directly from CSUBTIL interactive touch screens.

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens : mirror display function


Show content on CSUBTIL screen, directly from your laptop, smartphone, tablet... Present your project full size, with one touch.

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens : screen share function


Display several participants devices on the same CSUBTIL touch screen. Up to 4 devices simultaneously.

CSUBTIL interactive touch screens : OS compatibility


Connect CSUBTIL touch screen to any device. Working on Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux ? Don't worry, it's compatible !


Communication & distant meetings made easy. CSUBTIL screens are compatible with almost every conference softwares on the market.


Move your CSUBTIL touch screen anywhere in the office. Adjustable height and electrical stands models with remote control.

CSUBTIL touch and interactive giant flat panel

Available in various sizes, CSUBTIL screen displays in 4K resolution. With its embedded Android 9.0 operating system and its optional built-in PC.
It supports 2 interactives pens, annotating and drawing in different color and many intuitive functionalities.

CSUBTIL screen becomes an essential tool in collaborative workspace, creating better interaction between meeting participants, driving out better performance and meeting experience or learning activities. Moreover, Business applications will find a particular dynamic through this tool. Its use is part of the company’s development strategy.

CSUBTIL screen is also able to bring participants together, not only for those who work at the same place, but also when people are at different location all over the world.

It comes with a software package providing all the tools in order to ensure effective meetings. With its all-in-one and wireless technology, CSUBTIL screen replaces the projector, and no more cables or any external computer are needed.

- Digital whiteboard allowing users to search and import documents from browsers, desktop or any other device onto the worksheet, adding annotations, save the meeting records in PDF or even video format ready to share.

- Screen sharing software, with touch back function allowing up to 4 participants sharing content at the same time

- Collaborative and conference software are also available, such as DisplayNote Launcher, designed for Office365 users under a totally safe and secure aspect to access to their apps, video calls and calendars by one-touch, leaving no trace of cached data or browsing history by one-tap.

- CSUBTIL screens works with all external devices with its multiple input connectors (VGA, HDMI, DP, RS232, etc… )

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