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Softwares for interactive screens



Workspace is a multisite collaboration software for interactive screens.

Make it easy for your teams to get work done together, regardless of where they are.

Workspace brings together live video-chat, white-boarding and document editing, so teams in different locations can share and co-edit documents in real-time.

Any work you do is saved in the cloud, and can be accessed at any time. Sessions can also be exported as PDFs and sent by email.



Classroom software for interactive screens : wirelessly casts your device in real-time to everyone in the room.

Anyone connected to your session can share their screen, annotations and images with you or with each other, making lessons interactive for teachers and students.

Let your audience follow your presentation on their device in real-time. With the tap of a button, they can capture your screen, add their own notes, and save everything for review at a later time.


Launcher is specially designed for collective use.

It allows to limit access to certain screen functions depending on the context and user.

Launcher prevents misuse of the device in public areas, reception halls, classrooms or meeting rooms...

And much more...

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