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CSUBTIL continues its expansion and offers its new ranges of interactive screens

CSUBTIL Touchscreens set up on Europen Market

The high quality of CSUBTIL products, combining with many features and strength had won over many companies and communities.

Widely distributed on the French market since 2016, as well as in Morocco and in African countries, CSUBTIL is now set up on the European market.

A collaborative tool to implement in meeting rooms, a tool of learning and remote sharing, CSUBTIL interactive screen in UHD (3840 x2160) is available in several screen sizes, with different connectors for all kind of devices.

A diversified offer is born: Diversified product portfolio, new ranges, new services, new locations 

Our commercial, administrative, after-sales service and logistics establishment evolve with the creation of CSUBTIL Europe.
Each of our ranges match to specific needs. With an Android 8.0 operating system, each Interactive Screen includes wireless screen sharing and annotation software. The optional PC provides an essential and comfortable user’s experience to corporate customers.

YOUR TEAM MATE range for business, also offers a wide choice of high-performance optional PCs, adapting to specific digital tools used in different industries.
YOUR CLASSMATE range for education, offers an Android system display, compatible with various educational software, as well as a whiteboard with intuitive tools, such as the stylus, the color palette, the eraser, etc.

Extension of the on-site warranty to 3 years with large coverage of technical support network.
Many other financial services.

Wether you are looking for more information, wondering if CSUBTIL would be your right choice, or you are already one of our users 

Feel free to contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to exchange our experience with you